Activities for children

You child maybe knows how to play the Farm game on mobile phone, but has she or he ever seen a cow, or a goat live?

Many children who live in cities have no opportunity to understand life and activities of the countryside, be in contact with the soil and learn to love animals. Start teaching them, from their earliest age, to love nature and enjoy it, provide them with new educa-tional experiences in a fun way. They will learn how to ride a horse, spend time with domestic animals on our farm (scientific proof suggest that people feel better when around animals), play out in the open, take part in creative workshops, pick fruits and learn about the charm of country life.


Celebrating children's birthdays at the EkoPark Belgrade property involves the use of numerous amenities on our property that spans 7 hectares. Among the many facilities for children and adults we can highlight: horseback riding, mini zoo with ornamental birds, two children's playrooms outdoors, children's creative workshop indoors, fishing, lake, fish pond with ornamental fish, cafe by the lake, outdoor bar and many more.

Birthday are arranged and supported by professional animators and employees who care about children's safety and help them create their games, in consultation with our dear guests. The professional staff at the restaurant is at your service to provide your guests with a prestigious experience and experience unique in the city.

At your request it is possible to tailor some of our basic offerings to your wishes, special requirements of guests with certain diet regimes, as well as to your available budget and planned number of guests. If you would like us to tailor our offer to a specific request, please be free to submit your proposal and opinion, and we will be very happy to consider the possibility of adapting our offer.

To celebrate the birthday of more than 3 hours as stipulated in the packages, a total of 40 EUR per hour will be charged for each subsequent hour for the use of the restaurant hall and children's playroom with animator. During the additional stay of more than 3 hours, drinks are charged according to the restaurant price list.

Other family and business celebrations, christenings, weddings, corporate gatherings, congresses, team building and other celebrations are arranged separately, according to your wishes, according to the planned number of guests and use of certain facilities.

Below you can see our 3 basic birthday celebration packages for your loved ones: - Economic package
- Standard package
- Premium package

Price list of other activities that you can use during the celebration of children's birthdays with us:
- Horseback riding, small circle 300 RSD
- Horseback riding a bigger circle (to the lake) 500 RSD
- Fishing in the lake per person daily ticket 500 RSD
- Package of animal feed 120 RSD
- Zip Line 2 downhill 100 RSD

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