Organic agricultural holding

It is important that we choose food that supports our health.
Healthy food maintains body strength and enhances it. Healthy foodstuffs induce healthy biochemical processes in our body. We eat healthy in order to enable natural flow of physical energy!

This is the reason why sustainable and healthy farming is our passion. We truly love nature and animals, and we guarantee that everything we produce grows naturally.

Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy farming. Keeping the soil healthy is our priori-ty. Healthy seedlings and composting are crucial for fertile land.

The whole park area is 7 ha, with a 2-ha orchard and 600 of various fruit trees. The ar-ea of one hectare is covered in more than 30 different types of vegetables. We are par-ticularly proud of our strawberries, Senga Sengana variety, and the 4000 seedlings growing on a sunny hill.

After studying dedicated literature, with the help of the professors from the Faculty of Agriculture, we expanded the areas with strawberry seedlings and started with vertical breeding of strawberries at the beginning of 2018. In addition to obtaining a much higher yield per unit area compared to the conventional cultivation method, the vertical system ensures better quality, cleaner fruit, even ripening, saving of water, organic fer-tilizers and space, while picking is also easier. We are doing all this in order to provide fresh, healthy and juicy strawberries all year round.

As for the vegetables, our favourite is the ox-heart tomato (the annual yield is 10 000 kg). Scientific studies suggest that tomato is most beneficial when consumed as juice: it regulates digestion, strengthens immunity and removes extra fluid from the body. Tomato juice is recommended for fatigue also, since it refreshes and cleanses the body, freeing it from unwanted odours. It is also a good natural remedy against early aging, coughing, pulmonary diseases and urinary system problems.
We are proud both of the quality and of the quantity of fruits and vegetables that we produce.

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