The property includes the finest restaurant, a place of pleasure, with overwhelming spacious ambiance, with separate floors for parents and children and a grass roof just a step away from the most beautiful orchard! Its cosmopolitan spirit makes the space original, while it is also modern with its simple lines and subtle details bathed in light.

Our menu is diversified. You can have a rich breakfast in the morning with cured deli-catessen from our smokery, organic omelet, hot fritters or pies with homemade yogurt and sour milk. We recommend meat specialties, slow-cooked ribs, homemade sausag-es, aged beef sirloin steak, steak in goose liver and wine sauce, veal and lamb baked under sač. Also, fish lovers, or those who like homemade pasta and rich salad meals, will be pleased with our selection of savoury courses cooked from the produce of our organic farm and spiced with love. Here you can have your birthday party, celebrate marriage anniversary, turn bachelorette or bachelor party into unforgettable moments, accompanied by selected wines from our wine cellar, homemade cookies and cakes our grannies used to make. The little ones have their own menu, carefully created for our most precious ones.