EkoPark Organic agricultural farming

It is important that we choose food that supports our health for ourselves and our family.

Healthy food maintains the body's strength and strengthens it, healthy foods create healthy biochemical processes in the body.

That is why sustainable and healthy agriculture is our passion, in 2015 the process of conversion began, in 2016 a soil analysis was done, which showed excellent results of soil and water analysis. The green light was given by the competent ministry and all conditions for organic status were met, and in February 2017 the first organic certificate for plant production was obtained.

In 2017, the first organic certificate was obtained in plant production, then in 2018, the conditions for certification in the field of animal husbandry were met: organic eggs, organic chickens, goats and goat milk. After obtaining these two organic certificates in plant production and animal husbandry, the conditions are met and the entire estate receives the status of Organic. We are very proud of the fact that since 2014, we have persisted in the whole process, with our commitment, hard work and sustainable development, we have earned the justified title of Organic Farming, which is unique in our area!

With a lot of love for nature and animals, we guarantee that everything we produce grows naturally, and maintaining all the recommendations of the competent ministry, especially in organic production. You can degusttate all the products we make at the Organic Agricultural Farm EkoPark Belgrade in our restaurant or order for home delivery.

Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy agriculture. Keeping the land healthy is our highest priority in agricultural practice. Healthy crop rotation and composting are key to building fertile soil.

The entire farm covers 7 ha, of which 2 ha is under fruit, on which there are over 900 seedlings of various fruits. There are more than 30 types of different vegetables on less than a hectare. We are especially proud of our strawberries, the Senga Sengan variety from 5,000 seedlings planted on a sunny slope.

Our favorite tomato in the vegetable garden is the ox heart - tomatoe variety (the annual yield of tomatoes is 10,000 kg). Scientific research has proven that tomatoes are most effective when consumed in juice form. When it is in the form of a drink, it has special benefits for human health: it regulates metabolism, strengthens resistance and expels excess fluid from the body. Tomato juice is also recommended for rest, because it strengthens and cleans the body, and rids the body of unpleasant odors. It is also a good natural remedy against premature aging, cough, lung diseases and problems with the urinary tract.

In the overall production of fruits and vegetables, we can boast of quantity and quality.

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