EkoPark Belgrade

A green nest close to the city center with lots of little joys, activities and socializing will return true satisfaction at the end of the day to both young and old visitors of this ecological paradise.

Only 12 km from the Belgrade city center, with a view of the Aval tower, a unique estate was created that covers an area of 7 hectares. It is decorated with a lake, numerous small streams, a hanging bridge, more than 900 seedlings of various fruits, over 1000 grape vines and a mini zoo with numerous domestic animals that you can see and touch. All the plants on the property are certified organic, and re-certification is carried out every year in the field of plant production and animal husbandry. That's how the entire farm got an organic certificate, and we can proudly point out that we are unique in our environment and beyond.

A young, educated couple from Belgrade, parents of five children, wanted to move their children and friends away from city smog, unhealthy food, addiction to technology, but not to move away from the city!

This is how EkoPark Belgrade was born, out of the primordial need to return to our true nature, organic production, contact with the earth and animals in the urban environment.

Within the property there is the finest restaurant, Caffegrill lake, Eko bar, which offer homemade and organic specialties for unforgettable gatherings (birthday celebrations, baptisms, weddings, corporate celebrations, theme building and various other celebrations) with selected wines from our wine shop and homemade cakes. You can come to EkoPark Belgrade every weekday and weekend, with your family and friends for a day trip to nature close to the city. With numerous activities for children with professional care and animation in indoor and four outdoor children's playrooms.

This is the place where you will discover an organic vineyard, pick organic raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears...And many other organic fruits and vegetables, learn what slow-growing vegetables are (tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower...) enjoy playing by the water, recreational fishing with with your favorite team or walks in the forest or orchard with a beautiful view of the Aval tower.

Investing in health and changing acquired habits are part of the green strategy to involve young people in a healthy life in a natural environment through picnics and outdoor celebrations (eighteenth birthdays, graduation, graduation).

Playing with animals, spending time outdoors, babbling brooks, chirping birds, along with organic gastronomic snacks will make EkoPark Belgrade a place where we go when we need to quickly and easily regenerate, recharge, return to ourselves and our true nature.

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